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Integrated, multi-view inventory engine using AI and pattern matching to correlate circuits and create a unified inventory for use and reporting across the company.




Solution Overview

Communications Service Providers typically are challenged with managing and reconciling thousands of off-net circuits against billed costs, as provisioned records and with other data sources in different siloes and disciplines across the enterprise. This leads to inefficiencies in ordering and to wasted expense. eNX leverages its embedded integration with cNX Buy, eNX Invoice and Claims Management and other enterprise data sources to use pattern-matching and AI to reconcile these records and provide a unified view and single source. This guides better decisions and exposes substantial savings.


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  Key Features

  • Deep integration with cNX Buy and eNX Invoice and Claims Management, along with a flexible ELT engine to incorporate other valuable enterprise data.
  • Insightful interface provides circuit level match confidence and enables user to assign batches for further investigation.
  • Smart algorithms learn and improve reconciliation results over time.
  • Leverage uncovered results for data-driven projects to disconnect and groom circuits.
  • Export reconciled inventory to other enterprise systems for disciplined data
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Interested in eNX

If you're curious to discover all that eNX has to offer get in touch with us and we'll happily answer all your questions.