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cNX Buy


Accelerate service delivery with one solution to automate network ordering from any supplier.


cNX Buy

Solution Overview


Streamlines the buying of capacity across carriers and enterprises with its automated gateway, user-friendly interface, and configurable business rules. It is a global platform that eliminates the need to maintain disparate trading partner connections and order processes. cNX Buy manages the order lifecycle for any network order, making it a consolidated platform for all exchanges.


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  Key Features

  • Simple, context-aware workflows guide user through ordering process.
  • Order any wholesale service type – TDM, dark fiber, broadband, SD-WAN.
  • Integration with eNX Invoice and Claims Management offers the industry’s only automated order to bill process – validating as ordered data to as billed instantly.
  • One-to-Any ordering – One simple common language interface to order services an cNX Buy transforms data to what your supplier expects – LSOG, ASOG, MEF Sonata, API or even proprietary.
  • Configurable business rules engine to enforce enterprise business processes.
  • Intuitive reporting and analytics suite provides simple assembly of sophisticated reports by offering all data objects in one universe.
  • Open API for integration and automation from logical design inventory systems, CPQ or CRM.
  • Blockchain ready solution: Creates a pathway for validated rates and orders upfront through Blockchain and smart contract nodes – thus ‘certifying’ orders on the distributed ledger and nullifying the need for disputes.
  • Ability to import network orders from legacy competitor tools or other solutions to provide complete order history.
cNX Buy

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