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eNX Capture


Digitally transform any vendor invoice and unlock valuable data with 100% of the detail.


eNX Capture

Solution Overview


Communications Service Providers establish an ecosystem of trading partners to enable service ubiquity and reach for their customers. Many of these vendors still do not provide their invoices in an industry standard electronic format – which overloads organizations and creates inefficiencies and low-value tasks, such as data input. eNX Capture is the industry’s first and most advanced software-driven solution that transforms 100% of the data on paper and non-standard electronic invoices to a standard and useable format.




  Key Features

  • Industry’s largest and most mature library of vendor/invoice formats
  • 100% software driven digital conversion.
  • Intelligent data quality checks to ensure accuracy.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to crawl vendor portals for invoice retrieval.
  • Flexible and custom output format options – enables modularity and load into any invoices processing or expense management solution.
  • Operates as a Managed Service to deliver touch-free digital transformation for customers.
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Interested in eNX Capture?

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